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Steam Services

Providing Mobile Boiler Services

Available year round. Let’s discuss your project today, request our rates!

Harvest provides reliable mobile boiler and operator services including a complete range of small, medium and large scale units. Safe, cost efficient heating solutions.

Mobile Boiler Trucks

Harvest Oilfield Service offers mobile boiler services for seasonal drilling and completion programs along with turnaround maintenance and reclamation services. On-site boilers minimize delays or downtime during the winter season. 

With a well-maintained fleet and experienced operators, our company continues to improve year over year to support our goals for safety, environment, efficiency and diversification with a keen focus on customer satisfaction. 

Our commitment to overall quality and continuous improvement consistently generates safe and cost effective results.

Utility Heat Exchanger

All units are ABSA certified and meet regulatory requirements. Harvest supplies all hose, heaters and other equipment necessary to provide utility heat for rig tanks, pump trucks and BOPs. Our operators pride themselves on lending a helping hand wherever required to help the job go smoothly.

With over 12 years of experience our mobile boilers are turnkey self-contained units that arrive on location and within minutes can be rigged in and ready to provide dry steam. 

Land Reclamation Services & Site Closure Services

Harvest Oilfield Service specializes in mobile boiler and steam support. Working with our customers in wellsite, pipeline and facility abandonment and decommissioning with our steam services.

  • wellsite abandonment
  • pipeline abandonment
  • facility abandonment
  • site maintenance

Do you have a reclamation site closure or winter abandonment project in the works?  Let’s work together!

Railcar cleaning & Tank cleaning

Harvest provides steam cleaning services for railcars for preventative maintenance and compliance. Environmentally sustainable and safe railcar cleaning for your peace of mind.

  • Mobile Rail-car Cleaning
  • Exterior / Interior cleaning with Steam
  • Remove dangerous fumes
  • Sanitize surfaces
Using steam saves time!

Industrial Cleaning & Turnaround Services

Harvest Oilfield Service & it’s big sister company Intricate, is the clear choice for facility maintenance, cleaning and turnaround services. We provide field and plant maintenance for oil and gas production facilities.
Our services include:

  • Facility Maintenance Turnarounds
  • Boilers and Steam Support
  • Rail Car & Yard Cleaning with steam and plenty of horsepower
  • Field Production Facility Maintenance and Modifications
  • Pipeline Maintenance and Repairs
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance
  • Commissioning and Startup Support

Industrial Steam Cleaning Services

Along with our partnering cleaning experts, Harvest specializes in a broad spectrum of industrial steam cleaning services for industrial facilities and oil and gas plants. We apply our knowledge of steam utility heat with the technology of RTI’s patented chemistry to provide our customers with the very best in results; improving quality, cleanliness and reducing overall timelines when cleaning your equipment.
Together Harvest and RTI will provide:

  • Detailed cleaning plans that include step-by-step procedures, timelines and computer aided drawings
  • Provide a guarantee to meet project objectives
  • Utilize patented chemicals that are safe to handle, safe on the environment and formulated to meet unique requirements of the petroleum industry
  • Pre-plan meetings – includes leadership personnel from operations, maintenance, inspection, safety and environmental departments to discuss pertinent issues related to the equipment cleaning or the job requirements

Maintaining your equipment at its highest operational capacity is critical and that includes keeping a well-documented plan from inception to completion. Our commitment to safety and regulation is always at the top of any of our discussions as we navigate any project no matter how big how small. 


With almost 10 years of extensive experience, Harvest has been providing unique steam services to SAGD facilities. At a typical SAGD operation where there are multiple services, we provide boiler services for such equipment as service rigs, coil work and other plant/facility work. Such services include the following:

• Service rig heating
• Wireline work
• Coil projects
• Pressure testing
• Facility freeze up support

Harvest offers an on location, 24 hours, 7 days a week area supervisor that coordinates any and all HSE, logistical and dispatch needs. Our supervisors work directly with you to mitigate any HSE risk, loss time or stressed resources. 

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